TKSRFID offer compatible Vingcard key card for customers

    TKSRFID offer compatible Vingcard for customers,which can be applied all vingcard systems with high quality.They're much safer than traditional keys, which could fall into the wrong hands. They allow guests to gain access to theirrooms and/or specific areas of the hotel—pool, gym, office center. our RFID hotel key cards work with major lock systems, like Ving,Kaba,Saflock, etc.

    1.Standard: ISO9001:2000

    2.Material: PVC, ABS, etc.

    3.Size:85.5*54*0.86mm or customized

    4.Shape: Customized shapes are available

    5.Available crafts:

    A.Thermal printing numbers

    B.Golden/Silver background

    C.Golden /Silver hot-stamping

    D.Spot UV


    F.Overlay lamination for re-printing

    G.Chip:TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,EM4450,FM4428,SLE5528,SLE5542,T5557,ICODESLI, AT24C02,AT24C16,AT24C128,AT24C256,Mifare 1K,Mifare 4K,Mifare Desfire 2K,Mifare Desfire 4K, Mifare Desfire 8K,Mifare Ultralight,Mifare Ultralight C...

    H.Scratch-off panel

    I.Magnetic stripe: Lo-co, Hi-co


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