Improve your hotel services with smart cards

    Smart cards are becoming one of the most popular ways to keep a hotel updated. When it comes to the latest technology, smart card systems can be applied to a number of different functions to allow a hotel to run smoothly. Smart cards can be implemented for different reasons, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The hospitality industry can benefit hugely from using smart cards, but what makes them so special?

    Smart cards are quickly replacing traditional, and outdated, magstripe cards; creating the availability of wider functions that improve the way hotels are run. Helping both customer service and staff in order to enhance operations. Updating your systems can put you a step ahead of the competition, ensuring you can offer your visitors the very best service.

    Multi-purpose functionality

    The services offered by a hotel are endless, and your technology should reflect that and be able to accommodate for a number of different functions. A hotel will no doubt have everything from a gym to a restaurant and perhaps even spa facilities. Along with the obvious room access, hotels would benefit from having one system that encompasses all facilities and services.

    Implementing a smart card system can enhance a hotel’s existing services, streamlining everything. A smart card can function as a room key, programmed for access to a specific room and other areas such as the gym or spa; but it’s also so much more than this.

    Streamlining your services

    Having a smart card system working across your hotel can cover a number of functions. As well as being programmed to allow or restrict entry into areas of the hotel, even including the car park, a smart card can also be used as a form of cashless payment.

    For facilities such as the mini bar, or the hotel restaurant, you can offer cashless payment on the very same card your guest uses to get into their room. Making everything much easier and convenient for your customers, you can use smart cards as a way to generate revenue as well as providing modern solutions.

    Loyalty programmes, or memberships to your hotel can be set up, allowing you to build a community of customers. Whether your guests are staying with you on business or pleasure, we all love a little bonus; providing a loyalty point system that can also work through the smart card is a positive for everyone. It can also help with marketing initiatives and future promotions.

    Form factors to suit you

    Working from one central system, smart hotel cards don’t always have to be in card form. With each hotel working differently, you may prefer a different form factor such as a wristband or key fob, or an original card, you can choose the form factor that suits your business best.

    With the added option of branding your smart card, wristband or key fob, you can essentially create an advertising tool for your hotel if your guests are out and about.

    Bringing extended services to the hotel industry, you can now upgrade your system to include so much more than just a room key.

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